Salutations, My Royal Friend!  I am Kim (Laird) Dozier.  I was born March 13, 1969 in the historic town of Chickamauga, Georgia.  It is a small town BIG on Southern Pride.  I attended Freed-Hardeman University, where I earned a degree in Elementary Education and where I was blessed to meet my own “Prince Charmey.” Mike Dozier of Huntsville, AL and I were married on July 21, 1990 and we have lived in Madison, AL ever since.  We have been blessed with two little Princesses: Ashlyn McCauley, born June 4, 1996 and Makenna Joy, born February 6, 2001.  Everyone has always told us that  we have "identical twins" who were born 4 years and 8 months apart, because our girls favor each other so much.  They are our Pride and Joy!    

I have loved reading and collecting books all of my life, and I especially love bringing books "to life" for our girls.  I never dreamed of actually having the privilege and talent to write a book.  I actually started my writing adventure unexpectedly.   Ashlyn, was at home sick with pneumonia and was upset because we could not get out-and-about.  While she was taking a nap, I sat down at the computer and started typing.  "The Forgetful Princess" seemed to just write itself!  When Ashlyn awoke, I read the story to her and she exclaimed:  "Mama, where did you get that?!"  She was even more surprised when I told her that I just made it up.  She immediately asked, "Can you do it again?!"  

Two days later, I did do it again and "The Ear-less Kingdom" was written!  It was this story that I read to Ashlyn's class when she was able to return to school.  Her teacher loved the story and asked me to read it to the entire Elementary School!  The kiddos loved it and asked for a copy of the book (which was still just a computer printout)!  It was decided right then and there that something had to be done.  Ashlyn said "Mama, if you'll do the words, I'll do the pictures and we'll make books together!"  I got so excited that I wrote 7 books in just 4 months! 

 We released our first book on May 1, 2003 and sold 500 copies in the first 20 days just by me going to read and sign our book at schools!  We are so very thankful for this privilege and opportunity!  Our books have become a part of our family.  I write the stories when inspiration hits (sometimes at 3 a.m.!), Ashlyn and I work together on the illustrations, Mike gets it all ready for the printer and little Makenna Joy is our comic relief!  We have enjoyed being able to personally meet so many of our readers and we look forward to serving you for many years! 

May You Always Read and Dream!