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“Research and practice show that one simple activity — reading aloud — is the best way to prepare children for learning to read and to keep them reading as they learn and grow.

Kim Dozier’s books are among the good books that are worthy to be read aloud.  It is rare when you can find books that children will like to read that contain themes to build character in their lives.

Kim captivates her audience and shares the character traits in her stories with such a pleasant, warm demeanor that children like what they hear and want more.  She inspires with character building stories and proves that reading aloud to children is the best way to prepare them and keep them reading.”

Betty Dean Newman, Ed.D.
Professor Emeritus – Elementary Education
Alabama Reading Association
Journal Editor
Conference Consultant

Here's a YouTube story to enjoy!

Royal Reading and Dedication of
The Confused Tooth Fairy
Priceville Elementary; Priceville, AL

Speaking at the Alabama Reading
Conference in Huntsville, AL

Reading for Princess Sara at her
Royal Birthday Party

Camping out with Whitesburg Academy, Huntsville, AL

Reading for Fairy Tale Day at Auburn Public Library; Auburn, AL