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A Book by
Brenda J. Farmer

This story of Gertrude helps us see that we all want to fit in and feel as though we belong. 
You may even sometimes cry, “Waddle I do?!”  Luckily, we do not all have to be the same to fit into a group. 
Being different is okay. Like Gertrude, just be a friend and never give up. 
Your kindness will soon bring you a gaggle of friends!

To order this book, contact Brenda by email and she'll be glad to ship one of them to you.





Books by Barbara Scott (Benjamin)

"Beneath the Surface"
This is a wonderful collection of short poems by Barbara Scott (Benjamin). 
It is a "must have book" for poetry fans and those who are
simply looking for a way to reflect on life and "enjoy the moment." 

To order this book, contact Barbara by email and she'll be glad to ship it to you.



"My Best Friend Millie"



"One White Christmas in Alabama"


The Millie -N- Me series

This books are absolutely "cute" and tell funny stories about Barbara's
special friend, Millie.  Your children will love these books as they see how
Millie behaves just like a "best" friend should and how she
really wants to have a "white" Christmas in Alabama

To order these books, contact Barbara by email and she'll be glad to ship one or both of them to you.




"I Am Special"
by Geneva Price

This special book reminds children
that they are all special in God's eyes.
It contains wonderful pictures with
verses from the Bible.




Books by Karen Mitchell

Fun books about putting away the fears of starting to school


"Zack and the Beanstalk"





Even Caterpillars Can Fly!”
by Carolyn Spencer

This charming book about a little
caterpillar with high hopes helps us
to remember that Big Dreams
can beautifully transform your life!



The Family Tree Series

presents books by

Allison Bass Osborne

“Silly Momma”

“My Mema Has Wings”

Ths Song Of the Obed Edens

"The Song of the Obed Edens"
(Available in soft or hard cover)

Heartwarming stories that you
and your child will adore.



You Know You Are A Kindergarten Teacher When....”

by Lucy Cook Thomas
(Kindergarten teacher turned author)

A great book idea for teacher gifts! 
Full of humorous and true stories from a
real Kindergarten classroom.


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